GPS-telemetry unveils the regular high-elevation crossing of the Himalayas by a migratory raptor: implications for definition of a “Central Asian Flyway”
data: from Macro to Micro: a combined bioluminescence-fluorescence approach to monitor bacterial localization
Electronic nematic states tuned by isoelectronic substitution in bulk FeSe1−xSx
plasmid maps: from Macro to Micro: a combined bioluminescence-fluorescence approach to monitor bacterial localization
Bow-shocks, nova shells, disc winds and tilted discs: the Nova-Like V341 Ara Has It All
Artefact-free recording of local field potentials with simultaneous stimulation for closed-loop Deep-Brain Stimulation
Closed-loop DBS triggered by real-time movement and tremor decoding based on thalamic LFPs for essential tremor
Consolidating the evidence base for MFL curriculum, pedagogy and assessment reform at GCSE: an investigation of teachers’ views
Optimizing time-frequency feature extraction and channel selection through gradient backpropagation to improve action decoding based on subthalamic local field potentials
Innovative strategies for the reception of asylum seekers and refugees in European cities: multi-level governance, multi-sector urban networks and local engagement
Childhood smoking, adult cessation, and cardiovascular mortality: Prospective study of 390,000 US adults
Book Review: National political elites, European integration and the eurozone crisis
Practice and theory in the concept of law
Characterisation of Hepatitis C Virus antiviral resistance in the era of direct acting antivirals
Deformation and strain concentrations in coarse-grained alpha-uranium
The Southern Hemisphere midlatitude circulation response to rapid adjustments and sea surface temperature driven feedbacks
Partner involvement in treatment-related decision making in triadic clinical consultations – A systematic review of qualitative and quantitative studies
Factors influencing the implementation of cardiovascular risk scoring in primary care: a mixed-method systematic review
Correspondence networks with adaptive neighbourhood consensus
Tailored implementation of internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy in the multinational context of the ImpleMentAll project: a study protocol for a stepped wedge cluster randomized trial
Supporting good intentions with good evidence: how to increase the benefits of diabetes social media
Experimental limitations of extracellular vesicle-based therapies for the treatment of myocardial infarction
Diabetes and male sexual health: an unmet challenge
The pure cohomology of multiplicative quiver varieties
Diabetes and female sexual health: an ongoing challenge
A cross-omics integrative study of metabolic signatures of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Ainf is infinite dimensional
Approximate message passing with a colored aliasing model for variable density Fourier sampled images
Guiding of high-intensity laser pulses in 100mm-long hydrodynamic optical-field-ionized plasma channels
A note on the Phillips curve in South African and other text books
Book review: Museum cooperation between Africa and Europe: a new field for museum studies
Heterogeneous nickel isotopic compositions in the terrestrial mantle - part 1: ultramafic lithologies
Information theory and banking
Effect of hydroxychloroquine in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 - preliminary report
COVID-19 prevention and treatment: A critical analysis of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine clinical pharmacology
Structure and mechanism of the proton-driven motor that powers Type 9 secretion and gliding motility
The city of Napoli and its active volcanoes
Ancient solutions in Lagrangian mean curvature flow
Health impacts and environmental footprints of diets that meet the Eatwell Guide recommendations: analyses of multiple UK studies
RNA editing as a therapeutic approach for retinal gene therapy requiring long coding sequences
Statistics versus machine learning: definitions are interesting (but understanding, methodology, and reporting are more important)
Severe mental illness and health service utilisation for nonpsychiatric medical disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis
aMAP risk score predicts hepatocellular carcinoma development in patients with chronic hepatitis
How should a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine be allocated? health economists need to be ready to take the baton
Seasonality and geographical spread of respiratory syncytial virus epidemics in 15 European countries, 2010 to 2016
Prediction models for physical, cognitive, and mental health impairments after critical illness: a systematic review and critical appraisal
Navigating the ‘Infodemic’: How People in Six Countries Access and Rate News and Information about Coronavirus
All about politics: the American electoral cycle and decision-making in war
International cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic
Digital disruption in retailing and beyond
Active monitoring, radical prostatectomy and radical radiotherapy in PSA-detected clinically localised prostate cancer: The ProtecT three-arm RCT
Taking the measure: a demographic-based study of non-metropolitan Surrey c. 1550-1750
‘Be on the TEAM’ Study (Teenagers Against Meningitis): protocol for a controlled clinical trial evaluating the impact of 4CMenB or MenB-fHbp vaccination on the pharyngeal carriage of meningococci in adolescents
Outcomes following SARS-CoV-2 infection in patients with chronic liver disease: an international registry study
Deep reef ecosystems of the Western Indian Ocean: addressing the great unknown
Rethinking the economics of rural water in Africa
Incidence of Parkinson's disease, dementia, cerebrovascular disease and stroke in bipolar disorder compared to other psychiatric disorders: an electronic health records network study of 66 million people
Multisensory approaches to human-food interaction
Quality control of ER membrane proteins by the RNF185/Membralin ubiquitin ligase complex
Urban transformations and public health in the emergent city
Compact object mergers driven by gas fallback
The sound of branding: an analysis of the initial phonemes of popular brand names
Formation and evolution of compact-object binaries in AGN disks
Cost-effectiveness of the PDSAFE personalised physiotherapy intervention for fall prevention in Parkinson's: an economic evaluation alongside a randomised controlled trial
Acute pain management in patients with drug dependence syndrome
A distinct ecotonal tree community exists at a central African forest-savanna transitions
Hidden universality in the merger rate distribution in the primordial black hole scenario
Making a supermassive star by stellar bombardment 
Protein-protein interactions in neurodegenerative diseases: a conspiracy theory
Predictive prenatal diagnosis for infantile-onset inflammatory bowel disease due to interleukin-10 signalling defects
Skills that predict reading in Korean primary school children at year 2
The structure and relations of banking systems: the UK experience and the challenges of ‘levelling-up’
Does encouraging a belief in determinism increase cheating? reconsidering the value of believing in free will
Battery charge scheduling in long-life autonomous mobile robots via multi-objective decision making under uncertainty
Protecting children in low-income and middle-income countries from COVID-19
A testing environment for continuous colormaps
Rationalization enables cooperation and cultural evolution
Systems and implementation science should be part of the COVID-19 response in low resource settings
A systematic review of parental involvement in cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescent anxiety disorders
Physiological responses of rosewoods Dalbergia cochinchinensis and D. oliveri under drought and heat stresses
SARS-CoV-2 RNA detected in blood products from patients with COVID-19 is not associated with infectious virus
Coronavirus: how the current number of people dying in the UK compares to the past decade
Seeing tourism transformations in Europe through algorithmic, techno-political and city-regional lenses
What does it take to sustain a news habit? The role of civic duty norms and a connection to a "news community" among news avoiders in the UK and Spain
Impact of the vulnerable preterm heart and circulation on adult cardiovascular disease risk
Cystodistension injuries and long-term bladder functional outcomes: A unique case series from medical malpractice
The application of single-cell RNA sequencing in vaccinology
'The triumph and the glory of womanhood ... modest virgin, faithful wife, strict mother': the reputation and achievement of Magdalen, Lady Danvers c. 1565 – 1627
The case for a universal hepatitis C vaccine to achieve hepatitis C elimination
Altered co-translational processing plays a role in Huntington's pathogenesis-a hypothesis
Femtosecond quantification of void evolution during rapid material failure
The grand challenge of corporate control: opening strategy to the normative pressures of networked professionals
BH4 supplementation as a new treatment for diabetic cardiomyopathy
Treatment of survivor guilt after trauma using imagery rescripting: a proof-of-concept study
Ultrafast structural changes in chiral molecules measured with free-electron lasers
Should modern molecular testing be routinely available for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal infection?
Mesenchymal stromal cells are retained in the porcine renal cortex independently of their metabolic state after renal intra-arterial infusion
A categorical semantics for causal structure
Flower strips adjacent to greenhouses help reduce pest populations and insecticide applications inside organic commercial greenhouses
Ocean zoning within a sparing versus sharing framework