MHD turbulence: a biased review
"After Giambologna": The value of replication and material innovation in late Medicean Florence
Essays on model selection
Understanding irradiation damage in high-temperature superconductors for fusion reactors using high resolution X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Off to a great start! “start-offs”, knowledge and performance
Women in Britain’s Pakistani diaspora and their relationship with formal and informal Labour, 1962-2002
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Is altering the availability of healthier vs. less-healthy options effective across socioeconomic groups? a mega-analysis
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High-frequency heating of the solar wind triggered by low-frequency turbulence
Rome away from Rome: India, Rome, and England in Ælfric’s ‘Life of St Thomas’
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Colour matters: reading the materiality of the Great Bookcase
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Discrete curvature on graphs from the effective resistance
Damages without loss
Combination of decadal predictions and climate projections in time: Challenges and potential solutions
Gromov centrality: A multi-scale measure of network centrality using triangle inequality excess
Two-loop mixed QCD-EW corrections to qq¯ → Hg, qg → Hq, and q¯g → Hq¯
Unifying information propagation models on networks and influence maximisation
Ranked masses in two-parameter Fleming-Viot diffusions
Biodiversity and global land-use change in Bhutan: a model for the Himalayas
Keeping in Touch: looked after children and young people’s views on their contact arrangements
As omicron takes hold and other new variants arise, COVID-19 testing remains the universally agreed tool to effect transition from pandemic to endemic state
Exploring local authority variation in looked after young people’s subjective well-being
Beyond the adoption order: challenges, intervention, disruption
Geographical distribution and genetic diversity of Plasmodium vivax reticulocyte binding protein 1a correlates with patient antigenicity
Recognizing Odysseus, Reading Penelope: The anagnōrisis in the 23rd Book of the Odyssey
Devolution and its discontents
Introducing the Delsarte system of vocal expression in nineteenth-century London
Classification of painful or painless diabetic peripheral neuropathy and identification of the most powerful predictors using machine learning models in large cross-sectional cohorts​​​​​​​
Before genre: tragedy in patches in the early English playhouses
Recognition justice and the evaluation of low carbon innovation projects
RainBench: Towards global precipitation forecasting from satellite imagery
Hong Kong preservice teachers' beliefs and attitudes towards teaching proof in school mathematics: a design-based research
Ecosystem engineering among ancient pastoralists in Northern Central Asia
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Understanding the role of NOS1AP on ECG parameters and arrhythmogenesis: insights from mice and men
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Social influence in the global diffusion of alternative fuel vehicles - a meta-analysis
Far-field linear optical super-resolution imaging via Hermite-Gaussian microscopy
Low carbon innovations for mobility, food, homes and energy: A synthesis of consumer attributes
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Skyrmions in twisted bilayer graphene: stability, pairing, and crystallization
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Absolutely stable spatiotemporal order in noisy quantum systems
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P4Pir: in-network analysis for smart IoT gateways
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The incremental cost of delivering PrEP as a bridge to ART for HIV serodiscordant couples in public HIV care clinics in Kenya
Network-accelerated cluster scheduler
Motility induced phase separation: numerical and experimental approaches towards the high Péclet regime
Natural hydrogen seeps as analogues to inform monitoring of engineered geological hydrogen storage
Probing Mn-Mn and Mn-Si bonding in silicon cages
Accounting for climate change
Heterogeneous copper-based catalysts for low-temperature methanol steam reforming
Energy demand reduction options for meeting national zero-emission targets in the United Kingdom
On transfer learning for building damage assessment from satellite imagery in emergency contexts
Editorial: Learning in times of COVID-19: students', families', and educators' perspectives
Coaching Early Conversation, Interaction and Language (CECIL) Impact evaluation
Red flags for episiotomy in a midwife-led birth: using co-production with midwives to capture clinical experience
The use of whole genome sequencing for the analysis of isolates belonging to the bacterial genus Salmonella
Multiple social encounters can eliminate Crozier’s paradox and stabilise genetic kin recognition
Quantifying spatial heterogeneity in tumours from dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
Unreliable accounts: how regulators fabricate conceptual narratives to diffuse criticism
Optimisation of the WEAVE target assignment algorithm
Thalamocortical interactions in cognition and disease: the mediodorsal and anterior thalamic nuclei
Molecular dynamics simulations of membrane proteins in nanodiscs with investigation of protein-lipid interactions
Solving product-mix markets and learning agents’ preferences
Synthesis and reactivity of main-group complexes with heteroatomic double bonds
CP violation measurements using fully reconstructed B± -> D* h± decays, h ∈ (K, π)
Minority governments in Poland: governing after a crisis with ad hoc majorities
Design of high compression point josephson junction travelling wave parametric amplifiers for readout of millimetre and sub-millimetre astronomical receivers
Inconsistent language lateralisation – testing the dissociable language laterality hypothesis using behaviour and lateralised cerebral blood flow
Language and nonverbal auditory processing in the occipital cortex of individuals who are congenitally blind due to anophthalmia
Self-harm in people experiencing homelessness: investigation of incidence, characteristics and outcomes using data from the Multicentre Study of Self-Harm in England
Moral worth and moral belief
Three problems in additive combinatorics
Capturing life as it is truly lived? improving diary data in educational research
Reassessing pseudo-procreation in Old Norse literature
Proposed definitions of T cell-mediated rejection and tubulointerstitial inflammation as clinical trial endpoints in kidney transplantation
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Assessment of diatom growth using fluorescence imaging
Egypt under the Sasanians (619-29): "stability, continuity, and tolerance"?